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The leading real estate sales & rental marketplace

“Gently the snake strives the tree” they say, we are fast growing property marketplace where clients meet with reliable realtors to find their choice of home in a target location at required budget range. 

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Are you into real estate? Connect other professional realtors by clicking the handshake icon. We link realtors for clients not to go stranded when searching for property.

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It does not matter whether you are a realtor or client. Here is an arena where you can buy, rent and sell property with no stress.

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With just the click of a button, you can easily search for your favorite location, property, agent, agency and more.

Clients First

Clients happiness is our major priority, so we do all our best to make sure they are satisfy while shopping for their dream home.

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Here’s what clients say about us

It is my pleasure that i was able to find and get my preferred home here within a very serene location after the long stress of searching for an apartment while. I love Iquota everyday!
Elizbeth Murphy
Relationship Coach
I like the fact that the website is user friendly for visitors to access new pages with no difficulty. I just bought a new house through an agent here. Iquota is a reliable marketplace with trustworthy realitors. Tested and confirmed!
Zack Abraham
Inventory Officer
They said, content is a king while context is a kingdom. I love everything about their write up from start to finish. Very clear and understandable that even a novice would get the message easily. "A fast growing marketplace for all". Period!
Hassan Mustapha
Car Dealer

Fast Growing Property Marketplace

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Iquota Homes is a Nigeria property marketplace where realtors advertise properties to reach target clients who are searching for their dream home.

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20 Akinwale Street, Off Thomas Salako Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos


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