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Iquota Homes is a property marketplace in Nigeria and Africa where you get the right residential and landed properties at ease. Also a perfect place for those searching for office space. We observe that the quest for good house is becoming alarming and still most clients could barely get clean apartment when searching for standard accommodation in a conducive living environment. A good house in a poor location is zero, and a poor house in a good location is still zero. Though, it  depends on individual preference, the marketplace is actually in existence to get you fair, good, better and best apartment in a good or fair location that falls within your budget range. Different realtors post new properties everyday, so keep searching till you get that dream home you have been aspiring for.

We also do proper review of properties before publishing them online so our prospective clients would not be misled or scammed for any reason. The full details of the property in concern would also be analyzed for house and home finders to have complete overview of the house or apartment before coming over for inspection. This is both applicable to both lease and sales properties, so no cause for alarm patronizing Iquota homes.


Our happiness is to see you smile after helping you find home sweet home, cuz we want to be referred to family and friends so we can grow big and bigger in the real estate industry. It does not matter which part of the country are you, all you need is just to click on Listing Menu above, then you are good to GO!. You will definitely have access to reach reliable Realtors and other related professionals from different part of the country. Everybody wants to reside in a comfortable home within a serene location, which is why we choose to work only with trustworthy professionals because we are tired of clients falling victim of false information and disappointment from lazy and desperate real estate agents out there.


For confidential purpose, we are always available to assist interested clients who are willing to get their choice of home through us, since we are connected to thousands number of reliable agents. This only attract non-refundable penny charge, which would be paid in cash or via bank transfer before inspection. This fee is meant for maintenance of the site, constant marketing, general update and other miscellaneous expenses, so we will appreciate your maximum cooperation here.

Don’t worry if we could not get you an apartment of your taste after inspection. It is normal, we will continue searching till we find you your dream home. Inspection fee is only paid after first inspection and nothing more. Though we don’t hope for second inspection as our priority is to get a deal close after day 1 of inspecting properties.

Iquota homes is a problem solving real estate company and marketplace that put smiles in the face of the people after making provision of good houses and homes sweet homes. This will only be possible by patronizing us.

Book for inspection of your dream home inspection below, Let take it up from there. We will notify you via email or SMS once your chosen inspection date is approved.

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Iquota Homes is a Nigeria property marketplace where realtors advertise properties to reach target clients who are searching for their dream home.

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