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No matter how poor and frustrating a country economy is, every citizen and non citizen have the right to be happy and enjoy good life. This festive season should not be  violation to our civic right of living happily. I decide to share this article after having long  online and offline rapport with most clients and realitors. The main fact i could pinpoint among others is having this mindset “No Money, No Happy Holiday during Festive season”. I think we should take it from here;

1. Change of Mindset: The way you think plays important role to whatever condition or situation you find yourself. According to to the quote that says “Change the way you think to change the World”. Though this could be positive or negative change, but are actually looking at changing the World for good by developing positive mindset against all odd during festive season. It is imperative to note that festival is just an event and not do or die affair, so money should not be the major priority that would determine how perfect and funky the celebration goes. Let me quickly flash back by throwing this question to you; During your childhood when men were boys and women were girl, how well do you enjoy festival?  Of course, it was always interesting even when we only have little or no idea of whether money is involved or not. The most important thing is that we were enjoying the moment with no money and parent/guidance supervision. Kids are always positive during events and festivals. This same ideology should also be implemented as a teenager and adult. Thank God, we are mature enough to take decision on our own. Let make the festive scenarios exciting by having great fun and not monetarily imbibe. Besides, do not ignore the pessimist with negative mindset, who allow lack of money to hinder their happiness during festive season, instead educate them till smile grins their face. To round it up, happiness is free, it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, whether you are celebrating birthday or Christmas. What important most is having positive mindset in all situation or challenges that comes you way.

2. Visit your Family Home: Your family members are the most admirable being who will accept you for what and whom you are irrespective your financial status. Since they understand that you always see them a priority, they will definitely play along during hardship thereby making you clueless of money uncertainty during festive season. With your family, you have maximum freedom of expression and operation, though it varies among different family. I wonder why some people get bother and stress themselve while living fake life to impress their family members. Bullshit! you don’t need all that. Just be responsible and friendly with them then happiness shall come your way. Make the entire festivity interesting by involving in a family gathering like watching movie, going for outdoor activities, sharing touching stories and make the whole session interactive. By partaking in different activities with people who love you most would save you from spending a dime during festive season.

3. Get Busy with Hobby: Don’t get me wrong. I mean, make yourself busy with what you love doing most. This thing you will do and do and keep doing for many hours without getting upset because you love and enjoy doing it. Hobby should not be mistaken for work as you are only working to get paid or meet up target. Let say for instance, Mr. Ben works as a banker for money and also enjoy telling story in writting just for fun. During festive period, he could make himself busy by writing more book just to while up away time, instead of getting bored with banking activity. The only exception to the above is when you see your means of livelihood as both work machine and hobby. For example, a fashion designer who enjoy and make money from tailoring would definitely get busy by sewing more during festive season. So don’t allow the notion of “No Money, No Happy Holiday” affect your freedom to be happy. Go get busy by unleashing your great potential…

4. Go Picnic: Sometime, going for outdoor activities is another interesting way of having great fun without spending a dime during festive season. In other words, going for outdoor adventure or keeping company with friends or family members in a public place might keep you busy and happy at zero cost. There are many free outdoor events that  are open to all and sundry. Take advantage of this opportunity to mingle with new friends, expand your network and participate in contest while having great fun during festive season. Some of the places you can go for picnic include playground, game center, entertaiment show, religious event, beach etc. While some require certain fee to participate, others are freebie for people like you to be lively and happy even with your low and zero cost budget in festival.         

5. Become a Volunteer: Sometimes, it is not always about the money, but about you making yourself available during special event. . If you have a special skill, you can decide to volunteer yourself by exhibiting your potential for others to enjoy the moment. Doing this, you are already solving a problem by making others happy while  you have great fun with no money during festive season. You can even be part of the organizers, perfomers, ushers etc of an event to get busy with one or two festivities. For instance, as a musical artist,you can volunteer to in a show without requesting for a dime. You are giving this offer for free not only because you enjoy doing it, but also you want to be busy and happy during the festival. Mind you, it does not really matter if you are skillful in any activity or not, the most important thing is make yourself happy by being available to others at zero cost. You can even decide to be a “Santa Claus” for children Christmas event and others.

At this junction, I want to make it very clear that money does not have anything to do with being happy and living comfort live during festive season. It is how you have choose to program your mindset. So never hesitate to take advantage of the above facts and have great fun while you are alive cuz life is too short to stay bored because of the fallacy that says “No Money, No Fun” during festive season.

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